Monday, July 20, 2009

Hello Denver

Stan and I had a little getaway this past week. We went to Denver for the All-Star Lacrosse Game at Investco Field Mile High Stadium. We used priceline and got a really nice hotel (Courtyard by Marriot) right on the down town strip (the 16th Street Mall). We loved that Denver has this street closed to cars. They have free electric buses that stop at all the intersections if you want a ride. It was so nice and pedestrian friendly. Maybe Provo could do this one day.
On the steps of the capital building. I'm standing exactly 1 mile above sea level.
Check out these incredible seats we had for the game. We laughed that we'd brought a pair of binoculars. We really had a fun time watching these guys play. It's only my 3rd game to ever watch, so I learned a lot during the process.
Me, about toe get on one of the many buses. See the sign to my right- very pedestrian friendly, maps, guides, lots of arrows to help us out on every corner. They even have 2 visitor booths for people with questions and workers in yellow tops answering any questions. We were both impressed with how clean Denver was. Nice city to visit if you don't mind paying for all that parking but then I guess that's in every city.
Stan had fun with interesting hairstyles all trip long. Here he's showing his yummy parfait breakfast before we went to 6 Flags.
Driving home on I-70 "Colorado Rocky Mountain High . . ."
We also found out they had a 6 Flags and we hadn't ridden roller coasters since our Honeymoon so we couldn't resist (plus I found 2 for 1 tickets). We had a blast and scared ourselves half to death in the process:) Here's a brief video of the halfpipe ride. We rode all the coasters that were open and they had some really fun ones. We were suprised how much we liked this particular ride.

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