Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's been quite a week

It's been quite the week for us. Stan put in his notices at work. We had our home inspected, filled out a ton more loan papers, officially started packing, played a softball game, went to a birthday party, booked our moving truck, I got asked to speak in church (on Wed) and was the concluding speaker (thankfully I only had about 5 min. instead of the 15 they asked me to speak). Mom Hall flew out to Utah and came with us to church, I was released as primary pianist, I said goodbye to my best Wymount friend, and I partially flooded our house (I started the tub because Julia needed a bath and then got distracted making dinner and then I layed down on the couch next to Stan because I was sad about good friend Katie moving-Eliza slipped on the water coming out from underneath the bathroom door. The only casualty besides a lot of wet towels is a library book we'll now be buying).
Oh, and during my talk I looked up and saw this family I thought moved 2 weeks ago and I said (right in the middle of my talk) "Oh, I can see the Fordhams, I thought you guys moved, it's throwing me off" yeah, I'm a bright one. At least I can safely say I'll never have to speak in this ward again:)

By the way, my topic was Elder Quinten L. Cook's talk "Our Father's Plan: Big Enough for All His Children" from April Conf. pg. 34 of May Ensign. It's a good one to really delve into.

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