Monday, October 12, 2009

Quick Update

10-7 Israel lost his 3rd tooth. He lost it on the bus on the way home. Unfortunately it had been picture day so he was wearing a brand new white polo shirt .
10-8 Robin volunteers all day long in Israel's class- Mrs. T is a Saint. I don't know how she does it with 27 students. I'm in awe.
10-9 Snake Visits- Girl's Night Out at our house 1 gopher snake. Boy Scout Camp Out- 1 baby rattler and 1 tarantula (age unknown)
10-10 Rock climbing in Indian Cove
10-11 Find out the niece Emily was in American Fork High Band Bus Accident. Thankfully she is okay. She has now been in a bus that has rolled And gotten to ride in an ambulance. She has bumps and bruises, but is mainly okay. Emotionally I know it has to be really hard. She and 2 siblings lost a Band Instructor that died trying to save the bus after the driver passed out behind the wheel.
10-12 Hiking to Amboy's Crater one of the youngest volcanos in existance. Julia split her chin open in the bath tub. After calling her dr. we were told all they would do was superglue it since she's only 2. So we did it ourselves. Put a new background on our blog thinking this will be great- for Halloween and Thanksgiving, then saw Happy Thanksgiving up the left side. Just pretend it says Happy Halloween as well.

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