Friday, October 30, 2009

Seriously Considering Homeschooling

So, I love Israel's teacher, he loves school, I know it's good for him and in this town that's the only place he has playmates, but I'm seriously considering yanking him out.

We got a threatening letter yesterday from the principle about reporting us to SARB School Attendance Review Board because Israel has missed 6 days of school. 3 were for my Grandmother's funeral (which they know) 1 was because of a crazy long, horrid doctor's appointment so he could stay in school (also excused), and 2 were for our Sacramento trip. So, only 2 unexcused absences and he's in kindergarten. If reported to SARB we'll receive a $330 dollar fine for not being responsible parents. I'm so ticked off. We have to commit for 90% attendance or pay the fine.

So any advise out there? I'm so mad, but I promised Stan I wouldn't talk to the principle until next week.


Aubrey Jane said...

Are they serious? I'm sorry, but I'm mad too and I think you are totally and completely justified in your feelings!!! Kindergarten, really? Or ever for that matter, especially if the parents have justified reasons for the kid being there. Ugh. Is kindergarten even required in your state? I'm sure that you and Stan will come to the best decision for your child, but I think the school is being ridiculous!

Amanda said...

That is ridiculous. I'm sure if you had a meeting with the principal and were able to speak with him face to face that this could all be resolved. I'm sorry, that is really frustrating!

Brian and Michelle said...

I'm sorry for all this. What a bummer!
You might consider a few things before you talk to the principal. (These are things I've learned which may or may not be true for your specific district.) First, schools get paid when kids come to school. If the student is absent, they lose a certain amount of money. I would bet that this letter is mostly about getting funding so that the school needs to operate. To you, it is about what is best for your family and for Israel, but the school just sees the absences. You just need him to be at school for part of the day (which I know is difficult for a 3-hour kindergarten day.) Good luck! Keep us posted.

Robin said...

meeting with the principle on Thursday

supposedly getting this letter isn't a big deal, but time will tell. I've determined to come with good questions, Israel's progress reports and a few of his class projects, and a positive attitude.

I'll let you all know how it goes

Shealynn Benner said...

That's interesting. I would be ticked off too. Not like you can help a funeral and doctor's appointment! My goodness!

Perry Family said...

Robin- I have seriously considered homeschooling as well, for many many reasons, this being just one small one. I took the girls out of school for a week last year before Jason deployed for 7 months and received multiple truancy notes saying if they missed more days they could be held back. We also missed a week of school this year (for a family vacation when Dad returned from said deployment) only to receive the same notices. I get sick of having to justify my decisions as "the parent" to a school district who seems to think they are responsible for my children. I do agree with the comment about it being a money related thing. Money is the reason you do not get any money for home-schooling in CA. I am interested to see how this pans out for you and what you decide. Best of luck!

Robin said...

Just a quick update: with the kids being sick I haven't met with the principal yet. I'll post what happens. I'm quite certain that the issue has little to do with education and a lot to do with money.