Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trick or Treat Bags

This year for Halloween I had a decision to make- buy 2 more of those plastic pumpkins that take up all that space and are annoying to store- or find a better solution. Thank you craft blog for giving me the basic idea for my "better" solution. I made Julia's bag the pattern size, but made Israel and Eliza's bigger. If you'd going to make one for a child 3 or up I'd definitely add a few inches (I added 2). My kiddos has a great time picking out their own fabric (2.44 a yard at Walmart). The bonus of these bags, besides being cute and individualized for each child is that they take almost no storage space during the 11 months of the year we don't need them:)
A similar bag is for one of you. If you'd like to enter my first giveaway- tell me your favorite Halloween and why. Winner drawn at random Thurs at noon. I'll mail to out Friday so you can have it by the 31st.

Eyes closed!

A few of the decorations we picked up from the dollar store on Thursday. We went back the next day to get a little more and they'd already replaced their Halloween items with Christmas decor. Can you see the eyeballs in the goblets?


Wheeler Family said...

Cute bags! Good idea!

Brooke said...

Oh did I miss the give away!