Sunday, October 18, 2009

Snow in California?

On Columbus Day Sarah and Matt from our ward invited us on a trip to Amboy (remember Amboy Amanda?). The plan was to hike the Amboy Creater- one of the youngest volcanos on earth. Just the day before Eliza had asked if there were volcanos in California, so she was excited to be going to see one. You can read about it here. It's a mile hike in and Israel and Eliza both did a great job getting there. Julia rode on daddy's back after the 1st half mile. There are 25 miles of lava fields surrounding the Crater and we got to hike into a volcano-how cool is that? You can walk all around on the 2 lava dams formed from the 2 no longer flowing lava lakes. On the way home we stopped by the salt flats we'd seen on the way to the crater- Israel was convinced it was snow, so Marine Matt let him taste it and he got a big handful- poor kid.

Israel is in one of the 2 lava dams formed from dried lava lakes.

Israel at the salt flats. Just for the record we did have a salt fight.


Brie said...

Sounds fun! I sure miss you guys! Hope everything is going well, which it sounds like it is!

Aubrey Jane said...

Fun! I did think it was snow at first, and that is pretty funny about Israel tasting it, lol.