Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cleaning Brilliance

On the playground yesterday the mommies were talking about moving and packing and cleaning. Getting it all done in time to move out, etc. They talked of one family in our ward that had never cleaned the oven in the 2 years they lived here. How the mommy telling us the story had spent 3 hours just cleaning the stove and oven. Yesterday said mommy started packing for a August move. She is not going to be caught in the same trouble. As for me, I decided I better go home and clean my oven. Wymount has been home for 3 years and I'm sure it's only been cleaned maybe 8 times. So, if you get the bug to clean your oven, here's 2 pieces of advice.

1. Put in all of your stove's removable parts- (the drip thing and the ring thing) Let the oven do the scrubbing for you.
2. Take you bananas off the stove BEFORE turning on the self cleaning feature. Cooked bananas anyone?


Mallory said...

Hahaha, oh my goodness I am such a slacker....we are going on 2.5 years and no oven cleaning yet. I better get on that!
I love that you were reading my blog without even knowing it was me at great! Yay for being blog friends.

Robin said...

please note I made this post before taking the stove "things" out. They are now very clean, but they are a darker color, so maybe not the best idea. (READ: USE DISCRETION) Although since they all match maybe Wymount won't charge me.