Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My new addiction

So I've become addicted to sewing again. Most particularly in making quilts and quilt "things". Here's my story:
I learned to sew growing up and made some clothes and 1 huge quilt. Mainly my mom made the quilt, but at the time I sure thought I was doing it. Anyhow, when we lived in Mississippi I made 4 quilts (2 baby, 1 queen all from the same pattern Yellow Brick Road (I'm not very adventurous and struggle with matching fabrics) and then I made a paper pieced Nauvoo temple wall hanging for my Mom.
Once we moved to Wymount I quit sewing mainly because of lack of space. So, here I am still in Wymount 3 years later and I'd found this hilarious blog The Meanest Mom, check it out if you've never read her. This Easter she posted these fabric easter eggs gone all wrong post she'd followed the idea on another blog V & Co. I checked out that blog and fell in love with her designs, her fun projected, & MODA. I'd never seen it before. If you're new to Moda, only check it out if you're prepared to want to get back into sewing and spend $$$. They have all these lines with matching fabrics and precut packages to buy in a variety of sizes. (I know, long story, I'm almost done). From V & Co. I found the Moda Bakeshop with all these recipes/patterns for making gorgeous stuff with Moda fabrics. I absolutely fell in love with the baby pinwheel quilt and determined that in honor of it bringing my sewing machine back out of it's box, that I'd make this exact quilt. I bought my charm pack of snippets, my moda white and went to work. (I LOVE the prairie points.) I discovered on the blog tutorials to teach you all kind of sewing stuff. My favorites right now are Crazy Mom Quilts, Make It & Love It, and of course V & Co.. (boy does this post have a lot of links).

So, in the past week I've made these:
pinwheel quilt top (this one took 2 weeks)

Diaper clutch from Make it and Love it. Surprisingly this one caused me the most grief. I had issues with understanding how to sew the flap.
Fabric wallet from That Darn Cat I was sad to put in the mail. See in the picture below how the fabrics match up when they're closed. I love that. It's a birthday present for my sister-in-law.

Today I made these, both from repurposed material (an old button down shirt that doesn't fit right anymore and a pillowcase we were going to donate to DI):
Tissue holder for church from the book Sew What Bags. Below is a crayon roll from Skip to My Lou The crayon roll is also for church. I'm trying for a little more organization. The diaper clutch I made was for church as well. One day (hopefully soon) I won't be sitting alone in church, but until then I need ALL the help I can get:) We'll see soon if they'll be helpful.


Carma said...

Robin, I love your creative projects! What do you do - stay up late when your kids are asleep so that you can sew?! love, carm

Robin said...

Remember Stan works nights and the kids go to bed around 8, so I usually have an hour or 2. Also, this morning's projects I did while Julia napped.

Carrie said...

So cute!! If you ever need an extra project, I am in need of learning some basic sewing - I could be your project. I have some ideas I want to do, but I am at zero when it comes to sewing. I don't even know how much material to purchase, but I sure know which ones I want!

Wheeler Family said...

Super cute, Robin! I love everything you made! I'll have to check out those blogs.

Robbins said...

I love your stuff! The fabrics in the quilt are so cute- kindof retro- 30's. My favorite. I just look at ideas, see stuff I like and then go do laundry. UUGG
Anyway you're amazing!

Dana said...

no way! I just found the "skip to my lou" crayon roll pattern last week and I have it on my list of sewing projects!!! I'm so glad to see that you made it and I'm curious to see it in person - the directions looked tricky. All your projects are AWESOME!