Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day/ Warning: Explicit photo

Well we had a Happy Adventurous Mother's Day. I had my piano debut in sacrament meeting (I promise I can play it so much better when there aren't so many people listening) Eliza had a break down in Primary. Once we got home Julia refused to nap, so I went for a breather and read the May Ensign behind the temple while Stan made me a Mother's Day Feast of Pollo Relleno, brocolli, corn on the cob, and brussel sprouts. I've only had br. sprouts 1 time and didn't like them, but Stan wanted to try. I ate 1- I know you're proud. Stan told the kids that if they'd eat one he'd let them had a fruit snack. To our surprise Eliza gulped hers down with a smile. Now Israel was a different story. He tried really hard with one, but just couldn't do it and had to spit it out, but he wanted to try again. We gave him the smallest one left and Stan encouraged him to eat it and drink lots of milk. The last picture is what happened. Look at your own risk.
The pictures in the middle are so you don't have to look at the last one if you don't want to:) This morning at 9am the sprinklers were on outside, so Israel and Eliza has some early morning water fun. (with the pool closed for the summer this might become a habit)

Eliza with her earned fruit snack

Warning- yucky photo below
scroll down at your own risk

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