Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thanks Tooth Fairy

A few weeks ago we were dreading Israel's appointment with the dentist. His left bottom tooth was coming in behind the baby tooth and Dr. dentist said he'd have to pull it out this time.
So, 2 days before the dreaded tooth pulling, the tooth poked through the back and finally we could get some wiggling going. We were up in Laketown helping Mom and Dad wire their house so Mom gave me the courage to do the floss around the tooth jerk method. There was more blood than with his first tooth, but he was fine and the Tooth Fairy even knew where to find him. Stan explained to anyone who would listen how the tooth fairy uses a pillow tracking system. (Thank goodness Israel had brought his own pillow for the night).
Here's the note Israel wrote to the tooth fairy telling her we were at Grandma's house. You can see the tooth on the right side of the plastic bag.

Working hard on the house. Check out Grandma's moves!

The girls were a big help too of course.

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Robin said...

P.S. tooth came out May 5th and his tonge has been doing a good job pushing in in place.