Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is that a dog barking?

Early Sat. morning as Stan and I were waking up we heard a barking noise. Our neighbors had gotten and dog 2 weeks previous and we wondered if we wer finally hearing little Rosie. But, as we continued to listen we realized it was definately coming from our kids bedroom. You may have already guessed it. Julia has croup.

Other sillies. Today while preparing a casserole dinner and waiting for the chicken to cook I had a brilliant plan. I decided to make cookies. We always make a full batch and put about half in the freezer for later. Amazing me I used to microwave to defrost the molasses cookie dough (so I could cook the cookies in my preheated oven before the casserole needed to go in). Unfortunately I put the bag in the microwave, pressed defrost, then 1, and immediately forgot that I had anything in the microwave. I specifically remember thinking why am I in the kitchen, checking the chicken, and then coming back to the computer. 3 minutes later I heard a beep- oh uh, I had a "burn-my-hand" partially cooked cookie mess. I tried to massage the ziplock bag but it was too hot. After cooling in the fridge I was finally able to handle the dough. The texture had changed and the butter partially seperated, but I pressed on. The cookies are still edible-my family happily gobbled them up, but they're not nearly as good as the first time around. So much for my brilliant plan.


Carma said...

How is Julia doing? I hope better! love, carma

Robin said...

Thanks Carma- Julia seems to be over the croupy cough. She still has a runny nose for sure. Parenting joys:)