Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sun at last

This week we have been living outside and I'm an so happy. Stan said today that the girl's look so healthy. We decided it was their coloring from being in the sun. We've been climbing the "pokey"tree (I read my book-The Zookeeper's Wife which is really good so far- for about 20 minutes sitting up there), riding bikes, and most of all basking in the beautiful bright sun. Yesterday we even did our first outdoor climbing up Rock Canyon.

Julia has been talking more. She now says Mom consistantly, of course she's good at hi, and uh-oh, uh-uh (no). She's also picked up nana (banana) and saying Dad more. Tonight she said Owl and Eoyre (we were reading Winnine the Pooh and the Honey Tree). I couldn't even get her to try and say Pooh. Also so cute- earlier this morning I retaught Israel how to blow his nose and made a really big deal about him figuring it out. So a few hours later on the playground Julia comes over to me with a tissue and does her blowing (like she's cooling down food) while holding the tisse to my nose and keeps it there until obedient me blows my nose. She did this 4 times in about 3 minutes. She was so happy. Also she is crazy about Eliza's croc's right now (those plastic hole covered shoes) She insists on wearing them and of course their feet are slightly different sizes, although not as different as you might imagine, so as soon as I find some I'm going to get her her own pair.

Eliza has about 6 stuffed animals next to her very organized when I put her to bed. She told me they were her family and picked "me" up. I'm a big stuffed pink bear. She told me laughing that I'm bigger then daddy- the Army Ranger bear. She also pointed out Granddaddy Hall, the one closest to her a Purple striped tiger with a tie. She used to be afraid of Granddaddy, but thankfully she's over that. She and I had a very good day. Happy St. Patrick's Day

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