Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Rice Day"

Each week Eliza and Israel come home from preschool with little "craft" projects. This morning we learned about musical instruments and made that great tambourine - 2 plates stapled together with rice in the middle. These ones even had holes punched in them so we could "sew" them together with yarn.

The only problem was the rice just wouldn't stay in. So, I added more staples, when the rice was still flying, I added tape all along the outside (and it took a while too). Still it kept spilling. How was this possible? And then I discovered the hubris, the character flaw- all those punched holes. Rice couldn't help but escape. So, instead of cleaning the floor yet again, I let the kids have at it. Rice flew everywhere, they wanted it to come out faster, so I removed some tape. Israel got some scissors. Julia was in heaven. I took some pictures and let the kids wreak havoc- telling them we'd clean it up in a little while. He he he, some free Mom time.
They tore their tambourines, Eliza exclaiming it awe, "Mom, it's a plate. I made a plate out of paper!"

Surprising me Israel came to find me after about 10 minutes with a stacking cup filled with rice. "I'm cleaning up Mom, isn't this a good thing?" So we made piles, filled cups with rice and poured the rice into the biggest stacking cup. We played cleanup for quite a while. I-"we're doing a good thing for Jesus," "didn't I have a good idea?" and "aren't we being so good" were often spoken. He even thought of calling today "Rice Day"

I wonder if it was subconscious that we had rice with dinner?

(Eliza made these in the younger preschool as well on Tues. and the first thing she said when I picked her up was "Mom, don't shake it." Right before I'd come some dried bean had escaped, so the Mom was busy adding stables)


Roger and Melissa said...

I am so glad you let them make a mess! Sounds like fun for them...and for you. BTW, you look pretty buff in your rock climbing pictures!

Robin said...

Thanks! BTW, I finally learned what BTW was from your comment:)

Jorden Marble Family said...

That is so funny! Thanks for sharing :)