Monday, March 30, 2009

B. M. and A. M.

I realized recently that I have my life mentally divided into Before Marriage (BM) and After Marriage (AM). (BM isn't a great abbreviation, so I considered BS and AS (before and after Stan) and decided to stick with BM and AM). So what happened when Robin became a Hall?

Today I'm starting a list of things I never did BM, besides the obvious of course:)
In no particular order here are a few off the top of my head:
  • cook scrambled eggs in the microwave
  • use napkins at the table
  • wear an apron
  • get awakened my someone elbowing my head
  • wear pink or purple
  • eat English muffins
  • drive a convertable
  • say Yes, M'am and No, Sir
  • be a Mom
  • ride a go-cart
  • enjoyed Shanandoah's Crossing (an out of the way time-share Stan's parents own)
  • own a sports car (our Dodge Grand Caravan)
  • write thank you cards
  • ride in a limo
  • buy kleenex- (TP always worked just fine)
  • play video games

So I'm curious- what things do you do now that you didn't before being married?

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Carrie said...

Ya know, I think I went the opposite direction. BM I was super duper busy and never ever sat still! Plus, I always crossed off everything on my to-do list in a day - now, I rarely put together the to-do list before the day is over! I have not coped very well with the transition from BM to AM. I have also become more obsessive about things. I never used to worry about if something was properly cleaned and sterilized. Now I always wonder if something is fully clean, it used to be fine as long as it looked clean. I always used to brush my teeth before going to bed and I don't do that much anymore. And I used to wear really cute clothes and jewelry - jewelry everyday! Matching earrings and bracelets and necklace, changing everyday to match the current clothes. I only wear jewelry now on Sunday and never ever earrings! Wow I have really gone down hill! haha