Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Busy Easter Bunnies

Our Preschool Easter Party.

Notice Israel's super cool Bunny Hat. He was actually the only kid able to do the spoon on the egg race. But then he was the oldest kid there. **Note: We Mom's aren't totally foolish, the eggs were hard boiled

Here is Julia- she realized that eggs were food. She just pushed her nail right into this egg.
Eliza right before the egg hunt.Julia with her fluffy bunny basket. Stan bought it for her last week after she carried it all over Toys R Us. The littlest kids were given a head start. She did really well until one of her eggs opened. Once she realized there was candy inside she quit finding eggs and started happily munching.

The after picture. I don't know why, but after the Easter Egg Hunt and all that sugar we gave them cupcakes for a treat. We all had a really fun time- and Mom may or may not have been munching on Easter candy all day:)

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Robin said...

note: Stan said I should have included more Eliza pictures, but she wasn't in a cooperative mood at the party.