Thursday, April 02, 2009


It will have been 10 years since I returned from my mission this July 9. We're having a reunion in Centerville and I'm excited. I checked out all the blogs on the mission reunion web page Julia was sitting on my lap looking at all the pictures and half asleep. You can tell all the blogs are being kept up by the beautiful wives of these RMs, because there is no way the guys are doing it. Most of the guys look fatter, and most have several kids. Julia started rocking out when she heard Bob Marley's song on Waldrum's blog It definitly has the most quality photographs too. Oveson won for the funnest pictures. Weeks had some romantic pictures up of their Valentine's day (a little too romantic). Most of the pictures are of the kids and that's all good. I don't know why I want to see all the guys from the mission, maybe just to prove that it really happened. That I really did spend two years on a remote Caribbean island when I turned 19 years old. It seems so long ago, that maybe I just convinced myself it happened. I think about it everyday, and just last week someone was asking why I speak with a lilt almost like an Irish person. Cha mon me know no. Mi guess tings dem a go so. mi wan see all the peoper dem fi tell dem mi miss dem bad mon. Mi a go haf a go by de Jerk Shack (162 West Center Street, Orem) fi mek mi see if it a mek fee' betta mon, an' git me some jerk chikin over dede so, and see if da peoper der-so a still chat de Patois, an' if de is anyone de-so mi a know. mi still tink say me a one yardie.

I guess I need to take all my mission pictures and scan them so I can post them. I went before they had digital cameras you know!

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