Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Those Rocks Aren't Real"

What Eliza calmly told us when we first entered Arches Nat'l Park near Moab, UT.
The one family shot we got the entire trip. Here we are in view of Delicate Arch.

What Provo looked like when we left and why we couldn't drive thru Price Canyon until 7:30 (wish we'd known that before we left at 5:30- we ended up coming back home to wait)
Because of high winds and our late arrival plan, the first night we staying in luxury, a cabin with bunk beds, a queen bed, electricity, and heat. The next 2 nights were spent at Upper Big Bend (no water, electricity, or flushing toilets-much to Eliza's disappointment) This campground had lots of amenities including a really good playground, a huge checkers board, and my favorite: showers. The first day we drove all over Arches and did 2 hikes- this one to Skyline Arch, and the next to Landscape Arch.

Day 2 was really windy and cold- we spent it mainly in the car touring Dead Horse Point and Canyonland's Nat'l Park. The views were amazing, but our pictures didn't do it justice. At Canyonlands we hiked to Upheaval Point-just incredible (you'll have to go see it for yourself)
We climbed that evening at Big Bend Boulders- here's Israel packing the bouldering pad.

A star Trek Enterprise-ish rock at B B Boulders

Crossing a bridge over the Colorado River on that super cold and windy 2nd day.

Because of the weather we saved the Delicate Arch for our last day. We hiked the most popular hike on a Saturday with all the other Spring Break tourists. We were the only ones pushing a stroller:) It's hard to tell, but Israel, Eliza, and I are standing under the Arch.

My paleontologists seeing real dinosaur tracks during a quick stop on our way back home.


Aubrey Jane said...

You guys are so daring! I think it's awesome that you make trips like that with three little kids, they will have great memories and a love for the outdoors!

hallfarm said...
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Robin said...

That's what we're hoping:) Thanks Aubrey!

Robbins said...

I had no Idea delicate arch was that huge-I'm glad you were standing in it so I could learn something new! Awesome pics.

Jorden Marble Family said...

Wow! Those are some impressive photos. The picture of you rock climbing is amazing!