Friday, April 03, 2009

I Get to Go to School?

Today I told Israel we were going to register him for kindergarten. He thought that he would get to start school today and was really excited. I felt bad explaining he still had to wait until next Fall. We rounded up all necessary documents (including a run by the Dr's office for his immunizations) and we were ready. The falling snow did little to deter our excited bunch. They recognized the playground we've often been to and liked all the bulletin boards in the hallway. Once in the library the kids were super easy while I filled out all the "fun" paperwork, explained to the nurse that Israel's left eye is more dilated than his right, met Mrs. Bigalow who was highly recommended to me for Israel- we'll see if we get her or not- and tromped back to the car.

Many of you reading this post might think it's weird that I registered Israel. You realize, just like I do that we might not even be in Utah in the fall, much less in Rock Canyon's School district. Crazy Mom me wanted to register him anyway, just in case, to get first preferences if we are still here in the Fall. When life is as up in the air as ours is I have to do things that keep me sane. Worrying about Israel's school has been a concern as mine for basically forever- will in be an all day program? maybe I should home school? charter? private? will bullies pick on him? we he be labeled the "problem" child? will he transition between tasks or sulk? How can I make sure he's getting the best of everything? The whole big bad world is out there, am I ready for my oldest to experience it? I have a suspicion that I worry about Israel's schooling in part because it distracts me from worrying about where/when we'll get a job. If Stan will be able to get his dissertation done in time, etc.

We do have some good news, as of Mar. 31st Stan became a Licenced Marriage and Family Therapist. That means a nice raise for Stan for doing the same thing he's been doing for 5 years now. As Stan will tell you the licensing process is painful, frustrating, and intentionally difficult to achieve. More good news: BYU just changed graduate guidelines and Stan now has until Jul 10th to finish his dissertation (instead of May 17) to be able to graduate in August. Yippie!

Life is good, all and all- even if I I had 4 more cavities at the dentist yesterday. Babies have totally destroyed my teeth. Only 1 cavity ever before Israel was born. Now I take even better care of my teeth, use prescription strength toothpaste, floss diligently; and still the cavities keep coming. The sacrifices we make for our children:)

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