Friday, April 10, 2009

Girly Eliza

So, this week we were shopping for white shoes for Easter outfits. We're in Target and I tell the kids, now we just have to find the shoes. Without hesitating Eliza tells me, "Aunt Susan would know, we should ask her" What a cutie.

She's also the girl that when we're in the middle of nowhere on our way to go rock climbing (about 15 miles from dinky little Price, UT) we've been playing the spotting cars in the order of the rainbow game and Stan says let try looking for something else (the cars were getting scarce). Eliza excited "lets look for a store" We often joke how she's such a Hall girl since she didn't get her love of shopping from me:) I like to tell Stan she can do the shopping for us once she gets older, but I don't know if that would be such a good idea.

We got Easter Outfits at Gymboree for Eliza and Julia and Eliza refused to wear hers a cute belted green butterfly dress WITH SLEEVES (I was so happy to find) so we had to trade it for the same one I'd gotten Julia (that is a little more babyish). She didn't like the belt and buttons up the front. So much for my similar but not same Easter idea. She has a mind of her own, but then don't they all:)

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Carrie said...

Ahh, I know this so well! Naomi is just so stubborn about what she wears too! I have bought her some cute things lately that never get worn. SO now I have to ask for every single item - would you wear this? It is frustrating because (I am a shopper) I want so many cute outfit ideas for her but she loves what she loves! I imagine Gwen is going to be so much worse though. They shouldn't get picky so young. We should get to dress them until they are at least 8 or 9!! oh and I love the dresses and also the idea of similar yet different!